Mom Essentials: Short & Sweet

The MOM ESSENTIALS line is all about helping you feel better about yourself all while simplifying your life.  When you're a mom, it's hard to make time for yourself.  I've selected these pieces specifically for you.  They can be thrown on easily for a put together look, even with a baby on your hip.  And because they are as hardworking as you, you'll be ready in time to catch your toddler jumping off the bookcase and to wake up your teen for the fifth time.  You're worth it, mama!

The SHORT & SWEET collection was designed especially for moms snuggling brand new babes and scooping up grabby toddlers.  These pieces add sparkle to your everyday look without getting in the way.  They were chosen to be cuddle friendly staples that are easy to wear, layer, and feel great in.  

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